Z Konzept L-Carnitine 2.500

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L-Carnitine has the function of transporting fatty acids into the muscle cell and then into the mitochondria. Fat can only be burned in the mitochondria which are the power stations of the cells. So L-Carnitine is essential for burning fat during the diet or intense workout.

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There is an ongoing discussion if l-carnitine supplementation can increase l-carnitine in the metabolism where it is needed. We recommend: try it yourself and feel the difference! We only use the highest L-Carnitine quality: Carnipure.

We have combined L-Carnitine with the essential trace element chromium. Chromium is the core of the so called “glucose tolerance factor” (GTF). GTF regulates the blood sugar level and the uptake of glucose into the cell. We offer you for the fast and convenient use L-Carnitine 2.500 chromium shots, ampoules with 2.500mg L-Carnitine and 25µg chromium per serving.

Recommended intake: 1 ampoule pure or diluted with water per day. Not exceed recommended daily intake. Don`t use as a replacement for a balanced and varied diet. Store out of reach of young children.


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