Vitasprint Pro Immune

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Vitasprint Pro Immune – activate your immune system now![*]

Plan your winter vacation with serenity, enjoy long walks through autumn forests and master every professional and private challenge – if only it were always that easy. In the cold season, wet and cold weather and ailing friends and colleagues can quickly cloud the outlook. To start your everyday life with energy even on energy-sapping days, activate your immune system with Vitasprint Pro Immune. Thanks to plant extracts from ginger and acerola, an extra portion of zinc and valuable vitamins, you can counter rainy weather and everyday stress. Get ready for the cold months: with Vitasprint Pro Immun.


Vitasprint Pro Immun with the 2-phase complex for a healthy immune system[*]

The  unique 2-phase complex  from Vitasprint Pro Immun supports your body in dealing routinely with weather changes and stressful everyday phases and having full energy for the important things in life. Phase 1 contains proven plant extracts from ginger root and acerola fruit as well as the trace element zinc, an essential partner for a  well-functioning immune system . 

Phase 2 with vitamin C, D and B6 supports your immune system when it gets wet and cold and uncomfortable outside[*]. Vitasprint Pro Immun is available in drinking bottles. Activate Vitasprint Pro Immun by turning the cap and take  one bottle a day  . 


Vitasprint Pro Immune – if …

  • You want an extra portion of vitamins C, D, B6 and zinc – for a healthy immune system
  • You want to prepare your body’s defenses for the wet and cold seasons
  • You want to start your daily routine strengthened
  • the challenges of the cold season are beginning


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