San Amino Acid Xtreme 5000 320 Tabs

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Ultra-Pure, High-Grade Protein Formula Now Available in Convenient Tablets

No matter where you are or where you’re going, Amino Acid Xtreme 5000 guarantees that no workout will go to waste

  • 5 grams of instant and biologically active protein per serving with high ultra-pure BCAA content
  • Sourced only from premium whey concentrate, hydrolysate, and isolate
  • Free of inferior low-grade proteins that provide anything less than 80% purity levels
  • Enzymatically processed for easy and complete absorption
  • Specially formulated to block muscle breakdown immediately following your workout
  • Taste-free and odorless tablets can be chewed or swallowed with water
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Protect the Muscle You Have While Building New Lean Muscle

There’s no denying that hard work and dedication are two of the biggest keys to fitness success, but there’s much more to it than just physical effort and motivation. Whether it’s weightlifting, bodybuilding, cross fit, or cardio, everything you do during a high-intensity workout is breaking down your muscle cells. That’s why working out with 100% effort every day won’t create the results you want without proper protein intake. In fact, you could potentially be losing muscle without proper nutrition. You need quality protein, and you need it now! You need Amino Acid Xtreme 5000.

The Ultimate Pre- and Post-Workout Protein Source – Pressed into Convenient Tablets!

When it comes to pre-workout nutrition, modern science now delivers the ultimate solution for muscle preservation. No, we’re not talking about guzzling down a protein shake that won’t fully digest before your workout. We’re talking about ultra-premium Amino Acid Xtreme 5000.

For optimal insurance against muscle loss, you need high-quality amino acids floating through your bloodstream, and Amino Acid Xtreme 5000 delivers. Each serving provides 5 grams of premium, muscle-saving nutrition sourced from whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and a special enzymatic whey protein hydrolysate that’s over 91% pure protein by weight.

But you don’t work out so hard just to preserve muscle… You put in all that effort to build more muscle, and that’s where Amino Acid Xtreme 5000 truly excels. Taken immediately after your workout, Amino Acid Xtreme 5000 delivers much needed muscle-building nourishment with 1.12 grams of ultra-high-grade BCAAs and nearly 5 grams of total amino acid content per serving. And the enzymatic processing means it’s all assimilated into your system quickly and easily. Amino Acid Xtreme 5000 should be mandatory in every gym bag for before and after workouts, and you can use it any other time during the day or night when you need a protein pick-me-up.

Each 4-tablet serving of Amino Acid Xtreme 5000 is guaranteed to help preserve your hard-earned muscle and promote the building of new lean muscle tissue. Don’t train a single session without it!

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