Reflex Testo Fusion

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  • Unique complex of fenusterol, l-carnitine and zinc
  • Contributes to normal carbohydrate metabolism
  • Contributes to normal protein synthesis
  • Aids the protection of cells from oxidative stress
  • Easy to take capsule format


What is Testo Fusion?

Testo Fusion is a capsule supplement containing a unique complex of fenusterol, L-carnitine and zinc. Testo Fusion helps to contribute to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood, which men and women both have, normal protein synthesis and a normal energy yielding metabolism.

Testo Fusion also comes in an easy to take capsule format, and when taking three capsules twice daily, provides over 100% of your daily recommended allowance of vitamin D3 and B6, zinc and copper.

What are the benefits?

  • Contributes to the maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood
  • Contains vitamins D3 and B6
  • Contains amino acid L-Carnitine

Testo Fusion contains the amino acid L-Carnitine, one of the building blocks of protein. Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue, electrolyte balance, a normal energy-yielding metabolism, and normal protein synthesis. Zinc, which contributes to normal carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism, normal protein synthesis, maintenance of normal testosterone levels in the blood, and the protection of the cells from oxidative stress.

Testo Fusion also contains fenugreek sterols, and copper, which contributes to normal function of the immune system. Vitamin D3, which contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function, and Vitamin B6, contributing to normal functioning of the nervous system, and red blood cell formation.

Who is it for?

Testo Fusion has been designed for both male and female athletes aiming to boost support their training with a comprehensive supplement guaranteed to work, or your money back!

Due to the animal gelatin content of our capsules, Testo Fusion is not suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or coeliacs.

Recommended Usage

On non-training days take three capsules twice daily, with meals. On training days, take three capsules one to two hours prior to training, and three capsules before bedtime.

Use five days in a row, then have two days with no use. After six weeks of use, take three weeks off before starting use again.

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