Kevin Levrone LevroShield

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A unique composition of glutamine and beta-glucan

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LevroShield is designed for the hardest-training athletes. In its composition, LevroShield contains a high dose of L-Glutamine and beta-glucan. One portion of LevroShield supplies the body with 4.5 g of L-glutamine complemented by beta-glucan. Studies conducted by the chair of biochemistry at Oxford University show that L-glutamine significantly supported the body’s immune system, minimising the number of infections in the athletes studied [1]. In addition, glutamine is credited with a significant role in the synthesis of muscle protein [2], which can have a direct impact on sports performance. With the components contained in LevroShield, you can protect your muscles and minimise the feeling of overtraining – the maximum protective effect of LevroShield is thanks to the beta-glucan.

The product is recommended for the hard-working athletes in the period of recovery and lowered immunity. LevroShield is the best support for hard-training athletes. Protect your body, protect your muscles and protect yourself from colds and injuries! Get LevroShield today!


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