Kevin Levrone LevroLean

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Tablets created on the basis of carefully selected plant ingredients that help in weight control

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LevroLean is a dietary supplement designed for people who care about maintaining a healthy body weight, which helps in maintaining a slim figure. Each LevroLean tablet contains a carefully selected mixture of plant ingredients that help reduce weight and speed up fat metabolism:

Cocoa bean extract – promotes slimming, contributes to the metabolism of fats, which helps to control body mass,
Green tea leaf extract – helps to reduce body mass and supports lipid metabolism, provides protection of body tissues from the oxidation process, allows you to take care of bone health, skin and maintain the normal level of glucose in the blood,
Guarana seed extract – helps in controlling weight, contributes to fat metabolism,
The extract of cayenne pepper – responsible for suppressing appetite, contributes to weight reduction,
Bitter orange extract – allows you to reduce and maintain the desired body weight, improves physical fitness and increases lean muscle mass.


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