ISOTRU: 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate

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Grass Fed Certified & Verified

Introducing our NEW 100% Certified Grass Fed Isolate! When grass-fed is important to you, make sure it’s Certified & Verified Grass-Fed. ALLMAX NATURALS ISOTRU is a nutritionally superior whey protein isolate with 20g of protein per scoop.

  • rBST, rBGH and antibiotic free
  • Non-GMO Project verified
  • Gluten Free and Soy Free
  • 100% 3rd Party Verified

The truth about the TRULY GRASS FED Verified

Our pursuit of a truly sustainable grass fed source led us to the Truly Grass Fed verified program in Ireland! Why? Many “grass fed” whey proteins are NOT what they claim to be. The vast majority of dairy farms are super-capacity, high-output operations. To remain ultra competitive they must use animal feed containing GMO corn and soy as they cannot feed such a high volume of cattle year-round on grass. The Truly Grass Fed verified program is a back to basics approach: small herds reared at family farms in some of the cleanest air in Europe where sustainability and animal welfare are key.


How to use:
Blend, Mix or Shake 1 rounded scoop (22 g†) with ~¾ cup (150 ml) of cold water or low-fat milk, depending on desired taste and consistency, anytime you want an ultra-premium high-protein beverage. This unflavored protein makes a great addition to any of your favourite smoothies or recipes.


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