High Protein Drink

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For everybody who needs a protein shake ore a meal replacement with high protein content as a ready to go finished product we have designed our High Protein Drink. The product contains 50g full milk protein. This means that this is not only the optimum amount for a high protein meal but also the protein is easy to digest. And you do not get too fast hungry again. So you can use it directly after the training for fast recovery but also during the day as a satisfying and easy to take protein meal.

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As we have only 20g carbs, the proteincarb-ratio is 2,5 to 1 so that you can use the High Protein Drink for building muscle but also in a moderate calorie reduced diet to loose body fat. Of course we have only 0,2 % fat and use no aspartame, acesulfame, cyclamate or saccharine as sweeteners. But the most important is that even fulfilling all the nutritional requirements the High Protein Drink has the same creamy consistency and superb taste than the milkshake in your favorite Italian restaurant. It has a long shelf life and you can carry it with you without cooling everywhere. So you will have it for your training without having the fear that it will brake. Just shake – open – and enjoy.

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