1UP Make Her Lean

AED 150.00 Excluding VAT

– Promotes Weight Loss

– Promotes Energy

– Promotes Mood and Focus

– Promotes Appetite Control

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Make Her Lean Max has a 3 Way Caffeine Complex that will eliminate the dreaded post-caffeine energy crash. It helps accelerate the ability to burn fat and allows blood vessels to carry more oxygen to your muscles as well as other body parts. Make Her Lean Max provides enhancing benefits like improving mental focus and boosting concentration. It also can help lift mood and helps improve energy levels and athletic performance.


As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsule daily. Take two (2) capsule before the first meal of the day and two (2) capsules six (6) hours later. Must only be taken orally.***This is an extremely effective product,***MAKE SURE TO START with one (1) capsule per serving until tolerance is reached.

Main Ingredient List

Caffeine Complex, Infinergy™, Caffeine Citrate, Citrus Aurantium Extract 30% Synephrine, Capsimax™, Paradoxine®, GBB EEC Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract 90% Rauwolscine, Dandelion whole plant extract 10:1, L-Theanine

Full Transparency

Our open, non-proprietary formula means you know exactly what you’re paying for. Highest quality ingredients Dosed High, Dosed Right!


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